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My Obsidian Vault

Obsidian is a note-taking and knowledge management app. What I like about it is that it saves all of your notes in markdown files in a local folder.

It is a free tool and because it stores the data locally in plain text files, you do not rely on a cloud-service or on keep using Obsidian for the rest of your working life. You can easily migrate your notes from these simple markdown files to something else if you prefer and they do not get lost or locked behind a paywall if the service stops working.

I use it as a repository for notes, ideas, code snippets, and lists, but there are many different ways of using it. One strength of Obsidian is the many community-driven plug-ins that adds amazing functionalities and customizations so you can design the workflow that suits you the best.

The freedom of Obsidian is one of the things I really appreciate about it. I have one single Obsidian workspace or so-called Obsidian Vault. Some people like to have multiple for different projects or for a separation between personal/work notes. I just like my single everything-goes-here system.

You can easily change how Obsidian looks and behaves via the plug-ins. Currently, I am loving the Yin Yang theme in light-mode(!) with an accent colour in a slightly darker purple (#DAAFFF) than default.

I don’t keep a strict structure to my Obsidian Vault. Whenever I feel like writing something down, I just open a new note and start writing.

Currently I do have a vague structure